Jozef Mytny

Jozef was born in the town of Banska Bystrica , metropolis of Middle Slovakia, yet he has been living in the capital city, Bratislava, all of his life.

He studied at Technical University, Engineering Science with the main focus on nuclear power stations and heating systems.

Due to a communistic system and the fact that Jozef”s parents were not involved in any political structure, he was not allowed to study at any art universities.

However, Jozef has been interested in art and photography since his childhood. He revealed beauty of the moment at the age of fourteen.  Later, during his studies, Jozef worked for the press, media, and at the same time he has started his own career in photography.

His special sense for the right moment, sensitivity, and feeling for the photograph, has helped him to enter the world of sportsmen, music, and celebrities. He was for example personal photographer of Prince of Monaco while his visit in Slovakia.
Jozef eternalized several World Championships and Olympic Games.

He achieved several awards:
1984 on Olympic games in Los Angeles AIPS/ADIDAS prize for „ Sport photograph of the year 1983“,  photograph title: ” Dark side of the race”

1989 prize from Award Academy – first time in the history was given for a photograph

He was the only Slovak mentioned in book ” 150 years of the world photography ” (Kodak, Eastern block)

After the big success in 1984, Jozef was offered a job in Los Angeles where he could participate in photography but he could not because the communistic system did not allow him to travel abroad.

1989  member of INTERPRESS PHOTO committee

1998 he published a book called ” Hockey my passion”

Jozef displayed his art work around Europe and in 18 Canadian and American cities.

Photography is not Jozef´s only passion. His second hobby is a karate.  He started karate when he was seventeen. After many years of hard training with the famous master J. Ogawa from Japan, he himself became a trainer of karate for youth. He won several Championships.

This exhibition is dedicated to YEAR 1989 and VELVET REVOLUTION which opened new dimensions and opportunities also for Jozef´s art work.